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Release Jan. 5th
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Revamping Vernox

Decemeber 8th 2017 Buzzle

Hello everybody!

We have decided that Vernox will come to an temporary stop as of today... KIdz and I have noticed that as a server we lack many key foundations that makes a server great. What do we lack? We lack overall community engagement, focus on updates /advertisements, and a clear direction to how we want the server to turn out.(Low dropate with pk mode as an example...it doesn't make sense).

The bottom line is, we want to chage the fundamental feeling and quality of the server. We have found that the best way to do so is taking Vernox back into beta and create a more finished product before we come out with a more official release....

GE & Slayer

November 24th 2017 Kidz

The Grand Exchange is here

Grand exchange has been added via grand exchange clerk in edge bank

Updated slayer task system - For more updates check out our discord by clicking "Connect" at the bottom of the discord window to my right.

General information and fixes!

November 15th 2017 by Buzzle

The best way to locuate our recent updates and keeping up with the community is by joining our discord or checking out the forums. There we will be posting all of our updates and plans for the public - https://discord.gg/jKa6Xr5

We have added calisto as well as a Game panel to quest tab

Added Granite sword item/equipment definition Buffed a lot of droprates (specifics and the rest of our updates on discord)